Areas Served


Richmond, VA, 23220RA H&I - 2nd SundayNoonSundayMeeting ID: 856 7575 4613 Password: 2H&I, 1205 W. Franklin StreetVM,ASM
Colonial Heights, VA, 23534Tri Cities Area Service Meeting — 1st Sunday2:00 PMSunday125 Westover Ave. PO Box 141ASM
Richmond, VA, 23220RA H&I - 4th Sunday2:00 PMSundayZoom: Meeting ID: 849 8795 8733 Password: 4H&I, 1205 W. Franklin StreetVM,ASM
Richmond, VA, 23220, United States of AmericaRA Special Events Subcommittee, 1st & 3rd Sunday2:00 PMSundayMeeting ID: 869 1650 4570 Password: Events, 1205 W. Franklin StreetVM,ASM
Richmond, Va, 23222Richmond Area Service - 2nd Sundays - 3rd Sundays in Jan and May3:00 PMSunday(Zoom Mtg ID:870 5396 9327 Password:RASCNA)VM,ASM
Richmond, VA, 23222RA Literature - 2nd Sunday3:00 PMSunday3221 Moss Side AveASM
Richmond, VA, 23222RA Print Shop - 2nd Sunday,3:00 PMSunday3221 Moss Side Ave.ASM
Richmond, VA, 23228New Dominion Area Service — 2nd Sunday; 3rd Sunday in May3:30 PMSundayHatcher Memorial Baptist Church, 2300 Dumbarton RoadASM,PPE,HY
Richmond, Va, 23220Unified Public Relations — 3rd Monday6:00 PMMonday(Meeting ID: 849 0794 3584 Password: PR)VM,ASM
Richmond, VA, 23220RA Outreach, 2rd & 4th Monday6:00 PMMondayZoom Mtg ID:891-6472-0020 PW:Outreach Phone:1-929-205-6099 PW:491323VM,ASM
Richmond, VA, 23220Richmond Area Public Relations - 1st Monday6:00 PMMondayMeeting ID: 849 0794 3584 Password: PRVM,ASM
Richmond, VA, 23220RA Policy - 2nd & 4th Thursday6:00 PMThursdayZoom Mtg ID:821-398-99511 PW:Policy Phone:1-929-205-6099 PW:491323, 1205 W. Franklin StreetASM

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The Metropolitan Richmond Corridor is serviced by three Area Service Committees

New Dominion Area Service Committee

Serves groups in Chesterfield (North and South), Midlothian, Glen Allen, Richmond, Henrico, Hanover, Highland Springs, Short Pump and Powhatan.

Richmond Area Service Committee

Serves groups in Richmond and Henrico.

Tri-Cities Area Service Committee

Serves groups in Petersburg, Hopewell, Colonial Heights and South Chesterfield.
We are part of the Central Atlantic Region