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Richmond, VA, 23220RA H&I - 2nd SundayNoonSundayMeeting ID: 856 7575 4613 Password: 2H&I, 1205 W. Franklin StreetVM,ASM
Colonial Heights, VA, 23534Tri Cities Area Service Meeting — 1st Sunday2:00 PMSunday125 Westover Ave. PO Box 141TC,VM,ASM
Richmond, VA, 23228NDANA H&I — 2nd Sunday (FACILITY REQUIRES MASKS)2:00 PMSundayHatcher Memorial Baptist Church, 2300 Dumbarton RoadF2F,ASM
Richmond, VA, 23220RA H&I - 4th Sunday2:00 PMSundayZoom: Meeting ID: 849 8795 8733 Password: 4H&I, 1205 W. Franklin StreetVM,ASM
Richmond, VA, 23220, United States of AmericaRA Special Events Subcommittee, 1st & 3rd Sunday2:00 PMSundayMeeting ID: 869 1650 4570 Password: Events, 1205 W. Franklin StreetVM,ASM
Richmond, VA, 23222RA Literature - 2nd Sunday3:00 PMSunday3221 Moss Side AveASM
Richmond, VA, 23222RA Print Shop - 2nd Sunday,3:00 PMSunday3221 Moss Side Ave.ASM
Richmond, VA, 23228New Dominion Area Service — 2nd Sunday; 3rd Sunday in May3:30 PMSunday(Meeting ID: 82931023675 Password: NDANA)VM,ASM
Richmond, Va, 23222Richmond Area Service - 2nd Sundays - 3rd Sundays in Jan and May3:30 PMSunday(Zoom Mtg ID:870 5396 9327 Password:RASCNA)ASM
Richmond, VA, 23220RA Public Relations - 1st Monday6:00 PMMondayMeeting ID: 849 0794 3584 Password: PRVM,ASM
Richmond, Va, 23220Unified Public Relations — 3rd Monday6:00 PMMonday(Meeting ID: 849 0794 3584 Password: PR)VM,ASM
Richmond, VA, 23220RA Outreach, 2rd & 4th Monday6:00 PMMondayZoom Mtg ID:891-6472-0020 PW:Outreach Phone:1-929-205-6099 PW:491323VM,ASM
Richmond, VA, 23220RA Policy - 2nd & 4th Thursday6:00 PMThursdayZoom Mtg ID:821-398-99511 PW:Policy Phone:1-929-205-6099 PW:491323, 1205 W. Franklin StreetASM