NDANA – Literature Chair

By | October 1, 2023


  • 1 year (December – December)


  • Suggested two years clean time 
  • Previous experience as a Literature subcommittee member
  • Working knowledge and understanding of the Twelve Steps and Traditions of NA 
  • Has the willingness, time and resources to serve


  • Gives verbal and written report at ASC and if unable to attend ASC sends someone – preferably a committee member – to ASC with one 
  • Organizes, sets time, and leads committee meetings 
  • Has knowledge of Literature Handbook published by the WSO 
  • Keeps records of literature sales & back orders and places literature order to replenish literature stockpile 
  • Makes copies of “Literature Order Forms”, pays shipping expenses and buys supplies out of pre-approved budget 
  • Maintains a stockpile of at least $2500.00 worth of literature 
  • Accepts literature orders by phone, e-mail, or in person by the designated cut-off date 
  • Confirms literature payments and turns over money orders for literature purchases to the Treasurer or Vice Treasurer during ASC 
  • A copy of the literature order receipt(s) for the prior month shall be provided to the Treasurer at each ASC