Coronavirus COVID19 and NA

New Reopening Guidelines!

Covid 19 reopening instructions

St James Checklist-for-Reopening-Meetings

Staying Connected in NA Recovery

How will our members find out if a meeting is still opened or closed meetings?

Visit for meeting updates/location changes
Call helpline, 804.965-1871, select #2 and search by city or zip code

Contact us to have online meeting schedule updated. Make sure there is group conscience before submitting.
New Dominion Area: Christian F. at 804-666-1057
Richmond Area: Howvard B. at 703-967-7979
Tri-Cities: Howvard B. at 703-967-7979

Note: Contact facility for posting a sign on door “Meeting Closed Until Further Notice”

How can my group host a meeting now we are closed?

Set-up Toll Free Meetings for your homegroup but remember to contact Public Relations with conference phone number and access codes, etc. – A free account will need to be established Basic plan is free. Other plans may cost. Search Term: narcotics anonymous speakers

How can I attend a meeting without leaving home?

Go Digital for Recovery Meetings!

Any Lengths meeting

This is a recurring meeting every day at noon and 8 p.m.
Meeting ID: 825556478  Password: 619884

NA Phone Area – Telephone Meeting Schedule

Many Days/Times of the Week

General Recovery Phone Meeting

7 days A Week at 9 am, 12 noon, 3 pm, 9 pm Eastern Time

Use Tools for Ad Hoc Meetings

Facetime or Google Duo or Messenger
Two or more members can meet.

How can our homegroup members stay in contact with each other?

Stay connected by phone
Create a homegroup contact list and text and email each other
BAND app

How can I access NA literature for reading and studying?

NA Recovery Literature on
Just for Today – Call 804.965.1871. Select #3. Or

NA World Services Statement Regarding Coronavirus

We have had many inquiries and questions about health concerns regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19). While it is not our role to make statements regarding health issues, we encourage NA groups to discuss the situations you are facing and the options you have to provide safe environments for those who attend your meetings. Groups may want to consider asking members to temporarily stop some of the common practices found at NA meetings such as hugging or shaking hands, or offering refreshments. You may also want to consider alternatives to “circling up” at the end of the meeting.

Some groups are discussing contingencies for the possibility that they will not be able to meet face to face for some period; ideas include hosting phone meetings or online meetings. These are just a few thoughts; we honor each NA group’s responsibility to discuss and determine what is best for their meeting.

You may want to contact your national or local public health agencies for specific guidance regarding meetings and gatherings. We are aware of the guidelines and recommendations provided by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and there are similar agencies in countries outside of the USA. The World Health Organization (WHO) may also be a resource

If you are seeking information about specific local NA events or meetings, please contact the service committee responsible for hosting that event or meeting, or visit their local NA website. We have heard that some events and meetings have been affected by mandated closures, but we do not maintain a list of those and we are not the best resource for current information for local events and meetings. On our Find a Meeting webpage, local websites are listed in the window on the top left side of the page:

We are hopeful that NA members and groups can continue to provide support for one another as we move through this current situation, and we will update this information as necessary in the coming weeks. You have our best wishes.
(NA World Services, 12 March 2020)

Regional PR Statement

Important Information for Facilities and Institutions Re:
Coronavirus/COVID-19 as it relates to NA Members and Willful In-Person Meeting Attendance
With respect to ever-changing State and Federal Social Distancing Measures and Shelter-In Place mandates, facilities, institutions and members need be aware that NA Regional, Area and Group meeting closures are not to be considered extensions of any members who choose to willfully congregate in group meeting parking lots or public spaces.
Decisions made by individuals to meet without regard to personal distancing can not be considered as acting in the name of Narcotics Anonymous as a whole and are subject to trespassing and appropriate legal ramifications as per the city or municipality thereof.
Narcotic Anonymous Public Relations Subcommittees encourage all members to avail themselves of virtual and phone line meetings until this crisis is averted and our local meetings can be restored to face to face status.
A complete list of national and international Zoom and call-in meetings is available online at
NA directory of meetings by phone at
Instructions to access Zoom meetings by laptop, desktop or smart phone: Download the Zoom meeting AP, enter the meeting ID number in the join box.
For audio Zoom only, or from flip phones or land lines: +1 646-558-8656, enter # and then the Zoom meeting ID number.
Richard S
Regional Public Relations Chairperson